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Adult Friend Finder Reviews: A Sexy, Fun, and Friendly “Dating” Service

Hookups have been destigmatized for years now, and they're nothing to be ashamed of. They're fun, engaging, exciting, and non-exclusive to teenagers. Why should they have all the fun?

Being an adult isn't the simplest thing around, and not nearly enough of us end up satisfying our growing expectations. We're nothing but young people with more responsibilities and money. Everyone has their urges and fetishes. Why not fulfill all of them through a convenient online service like AdultFriendFinder?

AdultFriendFinder is the underdog that states the obvious - causal, non-obligatory sex isn't just for young people - it's for adults too!



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Now, if you’re looking to hook up as an octogenarian, you might have a better time with some other service. But if you’re from 22-44 years old, looking to mingle, and based anywhere in the world, you’re in for a wild ride.

People are a bit jittery when it comes to dating. Dating isn’t the simplest thing around, and utilizing the services of an online dating website can make the whole process that much easier.

Having fun on the internet is no new thing, and neither is online dating. Online dating has been present for a couple of decades now, and it has changed quite a lot.

While evolving alongside the internet, online dating has spread to every single idea, niche, fetish, and requirement out there. There is a website for anything and everything these days, and it’s rare to find a good all-rounder.

One such all-rounder is Adult Friend Finder, and here is why:

Registration is Simple as Pie

Whoever said first impressions don’t matter? The first impression you can have with an online dating service is the registration process! The registration process can be a real pain, but AdultFriendFinder makes the whole process simple. It also doesn’t take up much of your time, so it’s a convenient way to get mingling.

The first thing you’re going to see when you enter the website is its gorgeous design. The design is lovely since there is a whole lot of tread left on the tire. But, we’re going to get into that a little bit later.

For now, you should focus on the sign-up sheet, which will amaze you with how little it requires you to fill out. After answering some basic questions with simple, quick answers, and confirming your email, you’re going to get into one of the world’s most exciting online dating platforms.

The Population is Abundant

The population on this website is virtually unmatched by any other online matchmaking service. While most online dating services base themselves in the USA or Europe exclusively, AdultFriendFinder has members all around the world.

All of the members on this website are there for the same reason. There is no going around the fact that AdultFriendFinder is a hookup tool.

There is a dominant male population, which is to be hopeful of an online dating service. But, unlike most other dating services on the world wide web, the overdominant male population is only 60%.

AdultFriendFinder has a strict no-discrimination policy. Any form of discrimination on the platform is going to be sanctioned with an immediate and permanent ban. This policy allows for an organic, flourishing community.

Another fun thing about the population on this website is the couple population. There are couples on this website, and you can register your account as one. If you’re looking for a threesome, groupie, orgy, or something like that, there are options.

This website is very liberal in its imagination, allowing its populace to dictate the flow. And, the stream on the website has remained the same since launch – a flow of relentless erotica, and adult-based fun.

A general problem that these types of websites face is the sleaze aspect. While a website can offer such a matchmaking service, it’s hard for them not to be sleazy while doing it. AdultFriendFinder does offer this service with a discretion policy.

The populace is also real, so you’re unlikely to come across a fake, ghost, or catfish account. All accounts need to pass quite an extensive confirmation process, which takes place behind the scenes. You’re not going to be hassled with repetitive confirmation requests or processes. If your account is fake, you are going to lose it – simple as pie.

User-Friendly Design and Interface

As stated above, the design of this website is simply stunning. It’s not only the graphics, but it’s the simplicity at which the whole website operates.

The registration is not the only quick, simple, and pleasant process. The whole experience is not going to take up much of your time. The profile design tool is potent and is only as expansive as you want it to be.

You need to provide a picture and some of the most basic information about yourself, but you “can” give as much as you can. You can do this either in your personalized description or the preset question section. Where you are from, what you are doing, what your hobbies are – there are millions of possible questions and answers. You can be as public or as private as you like.

The matchmaking process is also simplified through a fun graphical user interface, allowing you to interact with other members on this dating platform in a couple of different ways.

What’s surprising about this online matchmaking service is its pricing, which we will get into later in this article.

Long story short, there are a couple of essential features that are free on this website, but require payment on most others. This payment scheme allows AdultFriendFinder to offer a competitive service at a fraction of the price.

The whole process in itself is thrilling and fun. This process is only amplified by the sheer amount of people that are using this online matchmaking service.

When it comes down to unique designs and features, there is no service quite like AdultFriendFinder. AdultFriendFinder has quite a lot of unique features to its name, from the sex school to the Sex Academy.

We urge you to look into these features yourself and establish your own opinion. Still, we’re going to have to introduce the sex academy to you. Only something that can’t be found anywhere else on the whole vast internet. That’s saying quite a lot about the supplier, AdultFriendFinder!

The Sex Academy is an out of this world instructional and informational hub that offers fun instructional videos for both anal and oral sex. It’s not only sex exclusive, though, as it has quite a lot of dating and meeting tips, alongside a vast arrangement of insider information on online dating, sex, and personal sexual health. This feature is exclusive to paying members, though, but should only convince you to get your credit card out.

Content Driven Community

This isn’t a simple community or service. It’s not exclusive to your profile and a quick dumbed down swiping dating method. It’s an active community that is driven by its members and enabled by its administrators.

The community is driven by user made and distributed content. There are expansive social-media-like profiles to which you can post anything you like. If you’re looking to share a personal erotic story or even a fictional one, you’re going to enjoy the Erotic Story feature, which allows you to do just that.

Think of AdultFriendFinder as a personal online blog, through which you can have some adult fun. If you’re feeling generous and want to tip another user for their exciting content, you’re given that option as well!

There seems to be an endless stream of features that enable user-created content. There are contests on the website as well, allowing members to compete for a couple of different rewards, mostly based on the site itself.

If you’re looking for another fun little adult pastime, you can enjoy the AdultFriendFinder live cam feature. It allows a live cam section, which is created by the website’s populace itself. It’s all so kinky, friendly, and organic! There is nothing better than a commune that understands its purpose to the smallest possible details.

AdultFriendFinder isn’t one of the best known online dating services without any particular reason. It’s content, features, and constant updates make it as powerful and accessible as it is.

Fun Mobile App

Every leading website, especially in the dating community has to have a competitive, fun, easy to use application. The App version that AdultFriendFinder comes with is truly impeccable. The app is available both on iOS and Android devices, allowing a lot of different users to interact together.

The app itself is gorgeous in its design – there is no way around that fact. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to use, and it’s just as powerful as the website itself. Unlike most other dating websites, the phone version of AdultFriendFinder comes within its third-party app, not an optimized browser website.

This app allows the AdultFriendFinder application to provide competitive services, complex usage, all at virtually flawless speeds.

Free and Paid Versions

Unlike most other online dating websites, especially the ones in the hookup scene, there exists a free version of AdultFriendFinder, and it’s very usable!

When dating services offer a free version or free trial version, most of the instrumental features are blocked. Not with AdultFriendFinder, as liking, commenting, filtering, watching videos, and other forms of necessary interaction are all free features.

If you’re looking to cash out a little bit for your next best online matchmaking service, you’re in for a real treat. The prices are laughably low, and the features and perks you’re going to get are simply amazing.

Paying members can enjoy the benefits of chatting, messaging, adding friends, live streaming, in-depth profile viewing and creation, and most importantly of all, live streams!

There are only two different levels of membership – gold and free. The subscription membership bases itself on a monthly payment, compared to credits and tokens. The price goes as follows:

  • 1 month membership for $40.00
  • 3 months membership for $81.00 ($27.00 per month)
  • 12 months membership for $240.00 ($20.00 per month)

It’s Good For

Adultfriendfinder is possibly one of the best adult hookup services. It is not for you if you’re looking for a deep, meaningful relationship or marriage. If you’re looking for a quick hookup with a consenting adult or an adult couple, you’re truly at the right place.

Adultfriendfinder does have some members that are looking for relationships, but there are many more interested in hookups. The website doesn’t discriminate against people who are looking for love, and by all means, do.

Yet you’re probably going to have much more luck on a website that is dedicated solely to marriages or relationships.

Keep AdultFriendFinder adult, and keep it sexy!

It’s Bad For

AdultFriendFinder isn’t your cup of tea if you’re not into hookups. If you’re looking to get married and are into more serious romantic relationships, you’re going to have a better time looking on some other platform.

While technically possible to find a perfect match through AdultFriendFinder, you’re going to get many more hookup opportunities than honest, loving relationships.

If you’re looking for a local website catered to a specific niche, you’re not going to have the time of your life with AdultFriendFInder either. Adultfriendfinder is quite expansive and has some fantastic numbers behind it, member-wise.

But this sheer amount of members gives it a vast, diverse community. You might not find what you’re looking for if you have a particular fetish or requirement.

How It Works

Adult Friend Finder follows a five-step registration process after which you can start browsing the website freely. First, mention whether you are a male/female/couples/group and describe the type of sexual experiences you are looking for (casual sex, group sex, swinger sex, cyber sex, TS/TV/TG). After that enter your birth date, location, email address and select a username. You can then mention additional information about your background, personality and lifestyle. Finally, add a tagline and a short introduction. You can upload steamy and racy photos to grab immediate attention from members. The chances of getting laid are higher for members with photos.

There are no spammers and the quality of members is also very good on the website. You can search for members randomly or by specific criteria if you want to limit your results. Since it has a huge membership, finding a partner with similar sexual interests is very easy on Adult Friend Finder.

Once you catch the attention of someone, you can flirt with them by sending winks, emails or instant messages. You can also upload videos to impress them. It hosts 24-hours adult chats and live member cams for members to communicate with other users. They offer complete freedom to post nude photos and use sexually-explicit content on the website to keep the atmosphere erotic and sexy.

The Benefits of Having a Subscription

  • Full Contact Access
  • More Action, More Fun


Adult Friend Finder offers plenty of exclusive features to interact and showcase their profiles to other members. There are fun and interesting features that help engage with others playfully.

  • In-depth Profile: create an in-depth profile mentioning about your sexual preferences, personality traits and type of partner or sexual encounter you are seeking on Adult Friend Finder.
  • Hot or Not Game: Members can browse through thousands of profile photos and express their views by clicking whether they are hot or not. If you find someone hot, an alert will be delivered to the concerned person and if they find you hot in return, you can start an instant conversation. It is a quick way to find a match on Adult Friend Finder.
  • Live Sex Chat: Users can utilize web cam facilities to engage in cyber sex encounters or erotic sex conversation and even video chat with other hot members.
  • What’s Hot: Users can know the hottest members, photos, videos and albums on this section. This can enhance their vigor for finding good sex partners.
  • Mobile App: Adult Friend Finder is a mobile-friendly website and has a dating app for extensive smartphone users. You can also receive SMS notifications about messages and member invitations when you are logged out.
  • Highlight Profile: Members have to pay a small fee to rank their profile at the top of search results. This is a good investment to find attractive sex partners.

The Pros

Best website for casual or cyber sex encounters
Allows couple, group and swinger sex
Live Sex chat facilities
Gamification features
Huge member base

The Cons

Limited search facilities
No Matching system
No screening of members for criminal records

Bottom Line

The best thing on Adult Friend Finder is the quality of members. You can find hot as well as decent-looking men and women who are willing to try different type of sexual activities. Not only this, they even invite you for a drink and mingle with others for casual dating. By paying a membership for a span of several months, you can find people available regularly for sex on Adult Friend Finder. This could be a better option for busy people who find no time to visit a bar for casual hookups. Moreover, you won’t find the same hot gal every time at the bar.

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