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Down Reviews: The Fastest Way To Get Down With Sexy Locals

Set aside the popularity of the hookup culture, as now it's far different than it used to be. Some time ago, not that long actually, you had to go to a bar to pick up your next potential partner. This process was straining on the body and the soul, and most importantly, on the wallet. There was no guarantee you're going to get laid, but you still had to shell out for a couple of drinks.

Not every single one of us is a world-renowned hookup artist, and sometimes we need a little help. That help comes within a neat small package - internet dating! Internet dating has been a thing for decades now and has revolutionized the way we view dating.

A significant part of new relationships in the USA lies in their foundation on hookups. A hookup culture is like getting your dessert without finishing your dinner. It's the best of both worlds, and it usually advances to a long-lasting, loving relationship.

What is the best of the two worlds we've mentioned above? A hookup dating site such as Down. Down is not a website, but a matchmaking service made virtual. It comes with both a website and app to support it, making sure that all of your dating needs are available - anywhere and anytime!



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What makes down stand out of the competition. What gives this crown jewel of a dating website the credentials it has to be worthy of such praise? Well, read along and find out. There is a lot to learn about a site like this. Make sure to read this insider review on Down before you download it!

General Overview

The first thing that we need to note about this fantastic service is the way it is represented. It is expressed through one of the most competitively gorgeous designs on the market. The design of the website and the app itself are going to entrance anyone.

The design rests within the sexy, soothing, and proper looking purple and pink combination. It’s not explicit – it’s not assuring you that you’re going to be drowning in singles. It’s genuine, honest, and beautiful – just like the singles, you’re going to find on this website.

The Website

The website itself is a simple, monolithic, PG design. And that’s where the design and utility features end. It’s simple to navigate and get into, and you will be presented with a quick presentation of the website and the signup sheet.

When it comes to the signup sheet, you will be amazed at the sheer lack of information you need to provide to sign up. A regular issue with these kinds of websites is that they tend to get nosy at times.

They do not need to know all of the information they ask, and it can give off a feeling of unreliability. Down understands this, and makes their sign up process as minimalistic as can be. It consists of a couple of standard questions – your name, your purpose, sexuality, and e-mail address. After filling out all of that information, you’re done.

This is another app that requires Facebook to authenticate, so you will need a Facebook account to use this service. The connection to Facebook might make some people worried. But don’t worry! Down allows you to hide from your Facebook friends and ensures that all of your personal information is safe.

When it comes to dating apps that function through Facebook authentication, they’re not allowed to post on your profile. This is the confirmation process I’ve been talking about. This is only a confirmation process and does not link the two accounts in any way.

The process might be unnoticeable for regular people, but it serves a great purpose. Websites that do not confirm the intentions of their users are inviting scammers, catfishes, and ghosts on to their platform.

The website isn’t only protected by this confirmation process, though, as the always active moderators and SSL encryption add to the security tenfold. Not even the NSA can get to you when you’re using down!

The App

Down is primarily a website, but it has since delved into application territory. We’ve all heard of Tinder, but have you ever given Down a shot? It would be like Tinder – if Tinder were better in every single way.

The Down application is available for both Android and iOS and is both smaller and better looking than most of its competition. The app consists of a simple sign up/in sheet, and a couple of exciting features that distinguish it from the website.

While the website places all of its fun features in the interface, the app prefers a grid feature box. We’re going to get into all the fantastic features a little later in the article, as we’re now skimming the service itself.

The app has more than one million downloads on both mobile platforms, making it one of the best-downloaded apps in the dating game. This fact ensures that you’re going to find a regular date in no time.

The Service

When it boils down to the service, it is truly impeccable. The gorgeous combination of an active moderator team, fun community, and maximum optimal utility is truly doing wonders for this website.

This reason explains why it is skyrocketing in popularity. The service is genuinely excellent, and any issue is bound to be resolved within a matter of minutes. The discretion of this website is also on point, as they don’t want to give out any information that they don’t have to.

Dating websites have a stigma surrounding them for selling or providing the information of their members readily – yet down guarantees your service. The way that these low end dating websites do this is by including it in their terms of service.

Do you know the broad, ten-page terms of service you haven’t read and just agreed to? Read it next time, especially when you’re providing your personal information. Luckily for you, we’ve read Down’s terms of service, and we can tell you – there is absolutely nothing there that is non-beneficial to you, your dating efforts, and your love life.

The Vibrant Community

A website is nothing if it doesn’t have the proper community for it. It can look the part, and provide as many unique features as it likes. If the city is non-existent, annoying, or false, the website is generally considered to be trash. No one will use it!

The total number of members that this website has registered is about 5 million. More than four million are based in the USA. While it still has some population issues when it comes to smaller places in the USA, the membership has skyrocketed.

This sole reason is why a lot of different dating websites fake their numbers, in an attempt to drag in real members. This adult dating site doesn’t have to do this, as it already boasts quite a large and active community.

We have researched the community of Down and concluded that the populace on it is genuine. After completing it, we’ve delved a little bit deeper into the research of the community. Down’s population is simply amazing. Bubbly, fun-loving, and, most importantly, real.

When it comes to the size of the community, while significant, it still has some potential to grow. The app is primarily based in the USA, and if you’re in any larger area, you’re almost guaranteed to get a match. The problem is that this website isn’t the most popular option in more rural places in the USA. This population isn’t a bad thing per se – but it still has the potential to improve.

If you’re in a rural place in the USA, you might experience a ghost town. Perhaps you’re going to have a little bit more luck with some more popular dating platform. On the other hand, if you’re in a major city or town, you can expect to find a lot of fun-loving like-minded singles on this platform.

And that’s the thing. There is no one on this platform looking for anything out of the ordinary. Down is a website and app which can be used for hookups, and that’s common knowledge. No one is getting into Down to find their next traditional virgin. They’re here to hookup, fling, and get down and dirty, just like you!

The Profiles

The profiles on this website are all legitimate. Even if there aren’t as many as we would like to see, the singles are real, and the communication is impeccable. The app is designed in such a way that you get excited just to use the thing.

The profile editing tool is powerful and includes all of the standards -short description or bio, name, pictures, and all. This editor will allow you to personalize your profile to attract singles.

You can not see who has liked you before you two have loved each other. To chat with someone else, you need to match the first. And the only way you’re going to attract fun-loving individuals is with a dashing profile.

A dating profile isn’t the simplest thing in the world to create. I’ve tried and tested numerous different profile outlooks and found that it is quick, witty, and precise works best. You need to tell just enough to get them interested, and then reel them in with your personality.


The features of this dating app are prevalent. You swipe right to like someone – you swipe left to dislike someone. You’re given a personal profile that you can edit to your liking, and you’re pretty much well on your way to gaining a couple of new hookups.

The standard features pretty much end there. There is a chat, an emoji box, and a blocking function. That’s pretty much it.

His is a hookup website, so it’s essential to keep that in mind. The people on Down are probably not going to be interested in your summer camp stories. Make sure to give out only the information you want to see. Not too much, not too little.

When it comes to the unique features that this adult dating site has to bring to the table, you will need to shell out some money.

The website itself is 18+ and is advertised as Tinder for fuckbuddies.

Free and Paid Versions

While this service might not be as expansive as other websites, the features that this website and app has are all extremely polished. You’re going to get all of this service for the low, low price of… Free? That’s right! Down is free to use, and is one of the only hookup services which is both open and practical.

You can get hookups from this website, and it won’t make a buck from your pocket. If you are looking to make yourself a little bit better at the game or support the developers, you can get a VIP membership.

The features you’re going to gain on this adult dating app are a fun badge for your profile, new matches, better visibility on the platform, and some anonymity perks. You don’t have to subscribe, but if you can, you should! A subscription removes advertisements, which can get annoying at times.

The rates are also very pleasurable, and are as following:

  • 1 Week – 9.99$
  • 1 Month – 16.99$
  • 2 Months – 39.99$
  • 3 Months – 47.99$

It’s Good For

If you’re looking to get down and dirty with like-minded individuals, this is the perfect website for you. If you’re based in the USA and are in a major city, this app will suit your fancy.

Hookups are the primary appeal of this app, and they’re the sole reason this exists. If you’re looking for a quick and easy hookup through a robust website, this is the one for you. It is also geolocating, so if you’re in a populated location, the likelihood of your future dates increases tenfold.

It’s Bad For

If you’re allergic to advertisements, this website is not for you. Ti can get quite annoying with the ads, and all of them are for a premium subscription. If you’re looking for an extremely populated website, this isn’t going to suit you.

If you’re not looking for a hookup, you’re better off with some other dating website. Down is an adult dating site, which directly translates to connections. You can find the love of your life here, sure, but you have to hook up with them first.

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