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Feeld Reviews: A Promising Sexuality-Exploration Dating Service

The fun thing about this particular dating service is that it includes all of the new genders in its midst. Well, perhaps not all of them (since new ones are being developed each day), but Feeld does its best to catalog as many as possible.

Gender, unlike sex, is a fluid thing. Your gender is a form of identity, which is used to express a sexual preference, pronouns, and express individuality. Feeld understands this and also understands the need for sexual expression.

While gender might be fluid, sexuality is not. People have loved having recreational sex since the dawn of humanity and have based their preferences on gender, mental compatibility, and social status. Feeld understands that even people who are of a different gender require this sexual release.



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Sex is for everyone, and so are dating websites. Dating apps have been a thing for years now, and ever since there was the internet – people were looking to get laid through it.

This has been the case for years. Ever since the introduction of many new genders, a gap had been created. Where would people who are looking to experiment a little bit with sexuality and gender mingle? Feeld, of course – introducing this marvelous little dating gem, which provides a safe space for open-minded people looking to mingle.

To fully understand what this fun little website is all about, make sure to read the rest of our review.

What is Feeld?

Feeld is one of the most renowned dating apps in the open-minded gender community, well known throughout for its vast gender options. This fulfills not particularly a dating niche, but a particular lifestyle. While there are dating websites that are centered around different kinks and fetishes, this one is dedicated to those who choose not to conform to traditional gender standards.

What makes Feeld stand out from the rest of the dating website community is its strict open-mindedness. It is advertised as an open-minded safe space for singles and couples to mingle and interact with one another. This is a place where discrimination is extremely prohibited and will result in a swift ban by the vigilant moderator team.

Feeld serves an essential purpose in this community. People of open-minded genders and sexualities have been socially isolated ever since their emergence in the late 2010s. This has reflected quite a lot on their love lives and dating habits, virtually making them without a dating platform.

Feeld seeks to provide refuge to these gender revolutionaries, giving them a safe space to interact with each other. The sheer importance of this safe space is only manifested through the community aspect of this website.

The Community of Feeld

While other websites might have sleazy and horny individuals looking to score something tonight, Feeld has a different community. Fields community is made up of only the most open-minded people who are looking to interact with each other. This does not exclusively mean sexual relations.

Some people aren’t even interested in sex but are involved in interacting with likeminded individuals. This is what Feeld is there for — the interaction between quite a lot of different but still similar individuals.

Unlike most other dating websites, Feeld does not attempt to shove sex down your throat. It has a mild, very gentle approach, to avoid any possible triggering of its community. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive, as much of the members of this website are.

The community spans over 2 million unique members, based in the USA. Realistically, a website with this populace shouldn’t have a lot of continuously active members, but this is a thing entirely avoided by the Feeld’s populace.

Feeld is used by 80% of its members every month, which makes it free of dead accounts. Since this is a safe space, the moderator team is vigilant in removing any form of annoyance or distraught. All ghosts, scammers, rude people, and catfishes are removed instantly.

This regular pruning only empowers the community, which is no longer in a desperate need for empowerment. Feeld is a powerful tool that does not only serve a top tier sexual/dating purpose but as a bastion of progression for the LGBTQ+ movement.

There aren’t any problematic members here, and everyone does their best to get along. While most of the members are still straight individuals, they’re mostly bi-curious. Some people are timid about getting themselves out there, and Feeld gives them a space to express themselves.

The most surprising thing about the community, though? The number of couples on this website is staggering. While this piece of information might suggest that people on here are swingers looking for a good time, the truth is far from that! The couple population of this website is on it for sheer experimentation, whether with other couples or like-minded individuals.

The Website Itself

As far as websites go, Feeld is one of the prettiest around. Not only does it have a booming and loving community, but the way that the city is represented through design is also fantastic. The utility aspect of this website is one of its most redeeming features, as it’s straightforward and interactive.

Registering on the website isn’t required. Here is no signup process, as the whole thing is automated through Facebook. This cuts down on the fake profiles quite significantly and adds another revel of liability to the website populace. If you’re looking to go on this website, you have to log in to your Facebook account.

When you’ve logged into your Facebook account through Facebook, you can go on Feeld and apply for a profile. Once you press a couple of buttons, approve a couple of entirely secretive and noninvasive things, you’re in. This process does not let Feeld post to your Facebook for you or is intrusive in any way.

This process isn’t made like this without reason, though. As people like their dating profiles kept private, Feeld does not associate the two patterns in any way. You use your Facebook to log in to the service, and that’s it. No one will see it unless you’re looking to share your social media with your new pals actively.

Once you’re on the website, the first thing that you will notice is the sheer amount of orange. The soothing color promotes love and acceptance.

Love and acceptance shouldn’t be shared only by two people, and this is why threesomes are such a big part of the website. Threesomes can be arranged through the group chat function, which is available through the website. Not everyone on this website is a couple either, and so people can connect with others for these purposes.

This is a dating website, and it does have some focus on sexual release. While it is also used by many members to make new friends, most people still use it to get down. Getting down is as easy as stepping into contact with one of your respective friendly or romantic interests.


Even if the website is primarily based on Facebook, Feeld is far different from it. While Facebook is a social media website, Feeld is a dating website. The two follow two very different formats but still have a couple of similar features.

The similar features that these two websites share are their strict no discrimination policies and some infrastructural features like contacting.

Contacting people on this website isn’t hard at all, and Feeld does its best to give you the best chat options that require the least amount of effort. If you’re looking to organize a threesome through this website, you can benefit from the group chat function.

But finding someone on this website isn’t simple at all. While the searching function is exceptionally detailed, this is not always the best thing. Filtering is extremely accurate here, and finding someone to your perfect performance might not be the most natural thing in the world.

Considering this is a dating website at heart, this feature isn’t that great. If you’re going to get carried away with detail, you might as well ask for a dragon. Make sure to keep an open mind and try some new things, as this website advises you.

When it comes to organizing threesomes or any interaction at all, you need to like someone. If you want to step into communication with them, your love needs to be reciprocated by your respective pick. When the two of you wish each other, you can communicate for free.

Make sure to keep it PG, as Feeld does not support explicit content on their website. If you’re looking to trade nudes or other naughty aspects, perhaps share one of your social media profiles.

Unique Features

When unique features are in question, Feeld seems to be the king! While this website doesn’t have that many unique features, the ones it does have are solid, expansive, and practical. There is not an annoying thing about them.

A fun, unique feature about Feeld is hiding from friends. This is a good aspect of the Facebook connection, as Feeld allows you to protect your profile from your Facebook friends. This is an excellent thing if you like your love life to remain private.

Another popular feature is the ultimate connection feature, which allows you to see people who have liked your profile. If you want them back, don’t forget to let them know!

Free and Paid Versions

Unlike most other websites, Feeld is entirely free to use. It’s not only free to sign up for, but the service itself is also generally entirely usable and relevant even without a subscription. A subscription option is available for users, and it grants cool features to the subscriber.

The above-mentioned profile hiding and ultimate connection features are only available to paying members. When it comes to subscriptions, it does not follow a token standard. Another redeeming aspect of this website is the rates of subscriptions, which are very cheap. This is good, as this website caters to young people looking to experiment with their sexuality.

The rates are as follows:

  • 1 Month 11.99$
  • 3 Months 23.99$

There isn’t a gold membership or even a subscriber status. The paid members on this website are referred to as “majestic members,” which is a hilariously cool feature in itself.

It’s Good For

If you’re a young buck that is looking to experiment a little bit with their sexuality, gender, or sex life, you can benefit a lot from this website. It is filled with open-minded people and couples who are looking for the same thing as you. No knots tied, wild, fun times are abundant here.

If you’re a fun-loving individual who is looking to find some progressive, open-minded friends, this is the right place for you too. People aren’t only there to see some tail; they’re here to find some friends.

In such a judgmental world, Feeld provides much-needed relief for individuals who are a little bit more progressive than others. Everyone seems to be so biased these days, and Feeld is a safe space for anyone looking to escape this bigotry.

It’s Bad For

If you have a lot of prejudice, this is not the place for you. Not only are you going to get banned instantly by the gorgeous administrative team of this website, but you’re also only adding fuel to the fire. There is no need for prejudice or judgmental opinions on this website.

This is a safe space, and it should remain one. If you do not want to keep it a safe space, this is certainly not the place for you.

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