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Fetlife Reviews: The Kinkiest Social Media Platform Out There

Sex is not Erotica, and we need to draw this line. While sex is a simple part of penetration and intercourse, Erotica and Fetishism are two things that differ from it completely. While sexual satisfaction can be reached through two of these, they’re nothing but a power play.

And, power itself plays a huge part in our lives. Our lives all consist of a constant power play between us and the society and environment we dwell in. This sexual function reflects itself on our sex life, quite literally.

Bondage, Dominance, and Sadomasochism are all things that people are into, especially in the fetish world. There is something incredibly entrancing about seeing your loved one bound in cuffs, ropes, chains.

This kink is like any other, and shouldn’t be shamed in the slightest. Since it is a kink, it involves a particular community that is based around it. People need to start understanding that everyone is allowed to like something, no matter how obscure it might seem to others. It’s the 21′ country baby – the taboo is a thing of the past!

Internet dating has been a massive part of our love life ever since its introduction in the late nineties. The internet dating and hookup community have had a significant impact on destigmatizing quite a lot of fetishes and kinks. BDSM is one such fetish.

The BDSM community has been restricted to obscure forums, meetups, and clubs. Never before has there been a global social media which is centered around BDSM, and it’s respective community; until now!

Let’s introduce FetLife, the premium BDSM and fetish community. While it’s not a pure breed dating website, it’s a social media platform for BDSM fanatics, of all races, heritages, and kinks.

BDSM is not a single fetish. There are different kinks associated with it, and all of them are included within FetLife’s embrace.

FetLife is a large social media platform that has quite a lot to offer to the community, and we’re going to get into all the nitty-gritty of it in this review. Here is why it’s the website for you:



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Ease of Use / Navigation




Unique Features


Chance of Getting a Date


Social Media Design

We need to get this out of the picture first before we delve deep into the BDSM website. FetLife is not a dating website, at least not an orthodox one. It’s a community that is based on a social media platform.

The website’s advertisement clearly states that it’s a free Facebook-like website for the fetish community. It is a social media website and a damn good one at that.

Unlike most other dating based social media websites, FetLife isn’t trying to include everyone within their grasp. It is a fetish website after all, and it caters to fetishists, BDSM enthusiasts, subs and doms.

While it’s unlikely that you’re going to find a traditional Christian virgin here, it’s certainly possible. It’s just not catered to them.

While the website is primarily catered to the fetish community, it is a social media platform after all. Knowing this, you can expect quite a lot of mingling here. Not necessarily sex-related, though, as people have made quite a lot of friends here.

The thing that attracts people the most is the like-minded populace. Everyone on this website has a similar, particular kink. This reason is why the site boasts one of the most tight-knit communities out there in the dating scene.

This community mingles through a variety of different, unique features. It’s a social media platform with all of the standard social media features.

You have your very own feed, profile, and messaging options. An excellent feature of this website is that people can participate in chat rooms. These groups and chat rooms are hubs for discussion, mostly related to fetishes.

Not every single thing about these chatrooms is fetish related. While you can expect to learn a lot from this website, you can also expect a lot of random discussions.

A fun thing that people report while using this website is finding their existing friends on it. While fetishism and BDSM have been destigmatized for a long time, it’s always refreshing to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar place.

Member Structure

The members of this community are what make it stand out from other websites. Most other fetish or dating websites boast a considerable populace of dissociated members, which are there for a quick date or hookup.

Never before has there been a community like the one of FetLife. From creators to members, 8 million people are in this community, and it is so tight – it’s outright silly.

The creators only amplify the tightness of this community. The website wasn’t created by a large corporation looking to cash in on an obscure niche. The site proudly boasts that kinksters made it for kinksters.

Kinks are what make the world go round, and the website has a strict no exclusion policy.

When you enter the website and go through the quick signup process, you’re going to be presented with a sheet to fill out. The sheer amount of options on this sheet is there to determine what you’re looking for.

The amount of options is staggering. Indeed no one in the fetish community has been left out. The largest misconnection about this community is its limited potential. When people think of BDSM, they only think of doms and subs, totally excluding the brats, cubs, bears, sensual, and other participants.

Funnily enough, real doms and subs make up the smallest portion of this website. While all other kinks can be categorized within these two (aside from switches), the sub kink support is staggering.

This categorization allows all members of the website to interact EXACTLY with what they are looking for. Long gone are the days of aimless wandering if your potential new partner is into the same things as you.

When it boils down to numbers, the FetLife community stands at over 8 million unique members, while half of the population is based within the United States, the other half is spread across the world.

FetLife has local communities in most large cities, which makes it both local and global. Most members on the website are males, outnumbering females 2/1.

Groups and Discussions

What truly sets FetLife apart from other dating websites, even in the fetish community, is its discussions and groups. The site bases its infrastructure on user interaction. While messaging and posting is all available, most of the conference is based upon the discussion boards.

The discussion boards are based on a wide variety of topics. You can see everything related to the fetish itself, and a range of other issues. All discussions made on the website are adult, though, as FetLife supports 18+ content. You need to be a legal adult to sign up for the site.

A critical feature of these groups, discussions, and profiles is that they fully support videos. It is sporadic for a website to support videos, and having that as a feature is highly appreciated.

This is a community-driven website, which promotes its community and puts it before all else. Even money comes second compared to the general populace of this website, which is only amplified by the fact that the site is entirely free.

We’re going to get into the finances a little bit later. The groups all consist of real members. When it comes to any niche, scammers and ghosts are real problems. Especially with free websites, scammers tend to make quite a lot of different accounts to try to extort money.

What’s impressive about FetLife is its lack of scammers. Its very active and avid moderator team takes care of this problem by regularly vetting members, ensuring that only real people are here.

Any falsehood and solicitation of illegal services are strictly prohibited on this website. It will ultimately result in a permanent ban.

Real-Life Potential

This is a common issue with niche dating websites. While FetLife is a social media platform, the surprising fact is the real-life potential it has.

It owes this real-life potential to its active community. There are local events organized all across the world, through the platform itself.

The groups and discussions are based on every large city in the world. Even the most obscure places are sure to have two or more people from them, who organize frequent meetups. The website is also renowned in the fetish community of the world.

If someone isn’t on this website, it’s unlikely that they’re not present due to dissatisfaction. The site has had minimal marketing, mostly limited to word of mouth recommendations, which is staggering, considering that it has 8 million users worldwide.

So, if you like using this website, be sure to tell your friends about it.

If the question which is concerning you is the dating aspect, you can rest assured that there are plenty of potential bachelors that use this website.

As long as you’re in a mid-sized city, you’re likely going to find someone on the website. Don’t be afraid to spread your wings, and use this service to its full potential.

The Pricing

The pricing might be the most prominent feature that this website has to offer its viewers. What makes FetLife stand out from the competition is that it is entirely free.

No, FetLife isn’t free to sign up to like most other websites. It’s completely free to use as well. You can message on this website, participate in groups and discussions, and do anything you want free of charge.

This is simply staggering and only adds to the reliability of this website. It’s the pillar of the worldwide BDSM community. If you’re not looking to shell out a lot of money for a fun dating experience, this is the place for you.

Now, just because the website is free, doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to it if you want to. Most people end up though this route, not because there are some fantastic benefits to donating, but just due to the tremendous service.

The service truly is impeccable, and you should support the creators for it. Running a community this large isn’t free, and the website survives solely on donations. The billing cycle is in bulk, though, but that’s nothing to worry about.

When you donate, you can expect a couple of benefits. These aren’t that related to features, yet are more focused on differentiation. When you give, you’ll get a sexy little badge on your profile, and some top-rated pictures and videos of the day.

If you’re looking to donate, the prices are as follows.

  • 6 Months – 30.00$
  • 12 Months – 60.00$
  • 24 Months – 120.00$

It’s Good For

If you’re looking to get down with likeminded people, you’re going to love FetLife. FetLife isn’t only a dating platform – it’s a massive community of different yet like-minded people.

If you’re looking to meet, mingle with, or simply learn about the culture and kink, you will find that FetLife is the perfect place for you.

Fetlife has quite a lot to offer to different individuals. The discussions are lengthy and range through a million topics, and participating in them can give you something that no forum, post, or article can – insider knowledge on the issues of Fetishism, BDSM, and the development of the kink itself.

It’s all so organic, and it is majestic in execution. If you’re in the BDSM community or are looking to learn, this is the place for you.

It’s Bad For

If you’re looking to get married in your Christian white castle fantasy, this isn’t the place for you.

It’s all filthy baby, and it should remain filthy. Naughty life is for nasty people – if you’re not into the kink, you might not have the best of times on this website.

We recommend some more orthodox dating services such as Tinder, Bumble, or Badoo.

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