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Fuckbook Reviews: Where Social Media Meets Adult Dating Sites

Fuckbook comes with no restrictions. It caters to the needs of like-minded people, whether they are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgender. As long as you are 18 years old, you can make a profile. You can even create a profile as a couple and try to get a hookup. The platform advertises as a no strings attached (NSA) dating site, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find the love of your life on it.

The Fuckbook website is very-well designed. The user interface is very intuitive, and the site navigation is easy to use. The registration process is fast and can be completed within minutes, including clicking the link in the verification email.

It features both free and paid membership options. You don’t have to spend a dime to register an account and start meeting new people. All you have to do is register, log in, and start scrolling your feed to discover like-minded people and engage in a good old- fashioned fling.

Video chat and instant messaging are features reserved for users with active premium memberships. The one-month membership comes at the price of $29.95. Fuckbook has industry-grade security protocols and encryption to ensure the safety of your private data and credit card information.



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When it comes to standard social media platform features, Fuckbook doesn’t only offer the feed. You can also read other users’ blogs, check out their photos, videos, pinboards, and even watch live cam shows. Fuckbook is an international dating site with a vibrant user database. There are well over 30 million profiles on the platform.

Fake profiles, scammers, and professional escorts are very common on dating websites. Well, Fuckbook does an excellent job of providing the ultimate dating experience to its users by making sure to minimize the number of these accounts. The systems in place to prevent this type of behavior are verification, paid accounts, and Karma.

Those who prefer online dating on their mobile phones can enjoy Fuckbook on iOS and Android devices. Fuckbook offers dedicated mobile apps available on third-party websites. The apps deliver full website functionality and are regularly updated and kept bug-free. Still, they are not screened by Google and Apple, which brings up the question of security and privacy.

Creating Profile on Fuckbook is Very Easy

To be able to browse Fuckbook’s user database, you need to create an account first. Fortunately, creating an account is straightforward, and it won’t take too much of your precious time. The registration form is accessible on Fuckbook’s home page. There, you can specify your gender, what you are looking for, your age, email, desired username, and password.

To be able to register an account on this platform, you have to be at least 18 years old. The email verification is not required, but it will undoubtedly increase your odds of getting a hookup since it makes your account authentic.

If you choose to bypass email verification, you will have to fill out several other forms to complete the registration process. Once you are done, you will be able to log in, update your profile, and search for fling opportunities.

Plenty of Profile Customization Options

Making the profile on a dating website is very important. It can help you stand out from the crowd, appear trustworthy and authentic. Fuckbook offers plenty of ways to complete your profile, make it attractive and easy to spot.

You will find the same profile customization options you have on any of the popular social media websites. The site allows you to add a profile photo and update it whenever you want. You can also add additional photos, write an interesting bio, and list your interests.

Nudity is not prohibited, which is why there are plenty of explicit profiles. Some of them will probably appear on your feed. There are also NSFW ads showing up on the website. This is why you might want to exercise caution when using Fuckbook when commuting, at restaurants, or generally in public.

Fuckbook Delivers a Great User Experience

The hookup experience is fantastic on Fuckbook. You can either choose to be proactive or reactive on this platform. Both options can result in hooking up with someone. The proactive one is particularly interesting as the platform allows you different ways to engage with Fuckbook users.

The website isn’t clunky, and it loads extremely fast. It’s designed with user experience in mind. Everything is easily accessible. A search feature, profile customization, feed, and quick match take the most of your screen. 

There is also a blog section that you can use to express yourself and share whatever you want with people on Fuckbook. Users can also access blogs written by members of the Fuckbook community, leave comments and interact.

It wouldn’t be a social media-based dating website without the messaging feature. Besides the messaging feature that one should expect in a dating website, there is also a live video chat to help you meet people and have a word in person with them.

Social Media Aspect of Fuckbook

The feature that makes Fuckbook a social media dating website is the feed. Every time you log in, you can scroll down the feed to discover people interested in a hookup. The Feed algorithm takes into account various factors when listing people in your feed. These include currently online users, users who have recently uploaded videos and/or pictures, and users who have recently changed their status.

The creators of Fuckbook didn’t want to leave anything to chance. They wanted to ensure that everyone has equal chances of getting a hookup. This is why there is a failsafe feature in case people don’t find anything interesting on their feeds – Matches.

The “Matches” feature is a convenient option for users who are interested in an instant hookup. Once you click on Matches, the platform will list the profiles of people you might be interested in in your area. Fuckbook takes into account the information you’ve entered during the profile creation when deciding which people to list in the Matches.

If this doesn’t work, there is also a search feature. Finding casual partners with the search feature is as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of settings and filters to play within the search options, including gender, interests, location, profiles with photo, age, ethnicity, income, religion, languages, and more.

Premium Membership Offers So Much More Features

If you have already looked up Fuckbook, then you’ve probably seen some ads where Fuckbook tries to sell the story of being a free dating website. Well, it is, but only to a certain degree. What we are trying to say is that a lot of features are completely free, but the most important ones for getting a hookup are locked behind a premium membership.

The free features include:

  • Account creation
  • Browsing the members

Unfortunately, to unlock the full potential of Fuckbook, you will have to spend some money. There are two subscription options. You can either go with a $29.95 monthly membership or a $44.85 three-month membership ($14.95 per month).

The premium membership will unlock instant messaging and live video chat features. Both of these are very important if you want to get in touch with the people who spark up your interest. With a free account, you can see that you have new messages, but you won’t be able to open them until you pay for the premium membership.

Icebreaker Automates Online Dating on Your Behalf

Fuckbook goes the extra mile to help its users find a match and get a quick hookup fix. The Icebreaker feature is automatic, and it will scan your profile and compare it against the Fuckbook user data. If Icebreaker finds a match for you, it will send messages, friend requests, gifts, or even leave comments on images and mark them as “hot” in your name.

This feature was introduced to facilitate and support conversation among Fuckbook users. You should also know that messages sent by Icebreaker contain a specific logo that helps you tell them from the ones sent by a member.

Users who don’t appreciate the Icebreaker feature can opt-out from the service. This will prevent Icebreaker activities on a member’s behalf.

Designed For People Who Want to Have Fun Seeking NSA Encounters

There is one thing that we can say with 100% certainty about Fuckbook – it is very fun. The platform resembles the popular Facebook and has over 30 million users. Unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee that you will only speak to authentic people. There are plenty of fake accounts that appear 100% genuine. You can chat with these people, exchange photos, and have fun, but in the end, you might end up without the fling you hoped for.

If you want to have fun and experience a unique blend of social media and adult dating websites, Fuckbook is worth trying. You will be able to add friends, leave comments, and talk in real-time with other members.

Fuckbook is transparent about this. There are several places on the website where you can read text similar to this one. “You understand and agree that there is no guarantee that you will find a date, a companion, or an activity partner, or that you will meet any of our Users in person. Fuckbook merely provides an adult entertainment experience to its Users.”

People Who Don’t Like Social Media and Don’t Want to Waste Time Should Stay From It

Finding a hookup on Fuckbook can take you a couple of minutes, but it can also take hours, if not days. It’s pretty much random when it comes to using Fuckbook to get with an actual person on a “date.” If you don’t have that much time on your hands, then you should steer away from this platform.

Also, Fuckbook delivers social media platform experience. You will have to search for people, add friends, chat, comment, and share content to get a hookup. If this sounds like too much work, Fuckbook is probably not worth your time.

Fuckbook Pros

  • New users find using it easy because it resembles the most popular social media platforms
  • A majority of men and women on Fuckbook are open to the idea of having a fling
  • Streamlined communication for users with premium membership
  • Dedicated mobile apps can be downloaded but not from Google Play and App Store
  • Great search feature with a significant number of filters

Fuckbook Cons

  • Some users find the Fuckbook website design too much sexually graphic for their taste
  • Despite the platforms efforts to minimize the fake profiles, there are still too many of them
  • Semi-transparent Terms of Service
  • The key social media features such as instant messaging and video chat are only accessible to premium members

Fuckbook Alternatives

Fuckbook is unique because it mixes up social media and online dating. There are not that many viable alternatives when you take social media features in the account. But on the hookup and fling note, there are plenty of other options out there. They look better, have more active users, and offer safe and secure mobile apps to their users.

The Fuckbook alternatives for one night stands and NSA types of encounters include Tinder, Yumi, and Down Is the Way to Go, Feeld, Hot or Not, Happn, and Hinge. Websites that specialize in helping you find a fling include AdultFriendFinder, EliteSingles, Match, and Clover.

Fuckbook Review: The Final Verdict

This is a go-to place for people who live the experience of social media and want to get a hookup. It offers online dating experience mixed up with popular social media features such as comments, likes, friend search, profile settings, and feed. The automated Icebreaker service is there to help members discover attractive fling opportunities.

The main features, such as instant messaging and live video, remain locked behind the premium membership, which significantly affects the experience of people with free membership. The only thing that worries us is Fuckbook stating on several web pages that it can’t guarantee the authenticity of user-profiles, and that is solely made for entertainment purposes.

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