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How To Plan For A Dirty, Fun-Filled Weekend

Are you looking forward to floating on work on Monday while radiating from the weekends sex afterglow? Taking time off to plan for a naughty weekend can’t be more fascinating.

Forget about romantic walks. We are not talking about holding hands here. We are not talking about how you can crank up the sex vibe.

We are talking about how let go and deviate from the confines of a routine. So, it’s about crazy sex, It’s all about champagne, kink, fun and of course, more champagne. If you are looking forward to a dirty weekend, here a short guideline on how to achieve that.

Think about the destination, not your bed

It doesn’t have to happen in the bedroom. So, say a loud no to a bed scattered with roses. If you want to really savor the moment, it really has to be the opposite.

So, if you want to have dirty fun in the evening, there is nothing that could be cheekier than booking an hotel room with nothing but your lover, your champagne and your best porn channel. You can think of all the best destination that will serve you well.

Also, try to be inventive about your choice of city break. Don’t be lazy. Remember you want to make this as memorable as possible. So, think outside the box. You could, for instance, think of enjoying the delightful boulevards of Paris or, a steamy couple of days in the thermal spas of Budapest. It’s your choice, but make sure it’s something that both of you will enjoy.

Go for substance over style

Yes. Make sure you pick a sexy hotel in a sexy city. Ruthlessly ignore the beaten track chain hotels, unless your choice of hotel is a little slutty Travel Lodge.

Remember the #1 rule: Log off

You don’t want to spoil the thrill of the weekend. It doesn’t matter how much your affinity for breaking rules. Please remember to keep this one. Log the hell off. Do your partner and your sex life a favor by switching off for the 48 hours of fun. No text, No texts, no calls tablets, no laptops, Whatsapp or emails.

Dress up that sexy lingerie

Your partner can’t me more appreciative. Do you rave suspender belts better than Dita Von Teese? Then this is high time you show it off. Wear them to spice up your weekend. Even people on dirty weekends do too. Remember, a weekend away is your perfect opportunity to fully kit up for your partner. You can even throw in a sex toys and a pair of handcuffs.

Eat well

So, if you don’t have your mouth full, make sure you do. You can go to bed on an empty stomach.

Indulging in everything – not just sex – will make your weekend truly memorable. Think about chocolates, desserts or extra dishes on the side.

Dirty, fun-filled weekends aren’t about being sensible or reserved. They are more about excesses both in and out your bedroom. Dirty weekends are not just about experimenting with food. They are about pushing boundaries in everything you. Also, they are about doing things you dream of.

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