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Mixxxer Reviews: It’s Swinging Made Virtual

Open relationships have a lot of benefits compared to orthodox monogamous relationships. While swinging doesn't always include polygamy, it is still a part of the game. Having different partners might suit some people better than spending the rest of your life next to one single person.

Perhaps it's exclusively a sex thing. You don't enjoy having relations with only one person, and you're looking to expand your horizons a little bit. Welcome to swinging, the world's ex biggest taboo, the current affair of millions around the globe!

Swinging has been a thing of discussion for some time now. But it has been out of the stigma for decades. All thanks to the numerous movements for the freedom of sexuality, and the internet in general.

The internet has played an essential role in the de-stigmatization of different fetishes. It served as a community for all, without any prejudice at all. This general community of kinksters, swingers, and fetishists has done magic for the worldwide community.

All of the taboos broken, and all have given their respective internet homepage. These pages aren't exclusively for the discussion of the fetish or the kink in question - they're dating services.

There is a dating service for anyone who is looking to date. The internet covers every single kink, niche, or preference - and so is swinging!

Swinging has been made virtual for ages at this point. There have been numerous adult dating sites dedicated to it exclusively. One such site is Mixxxer, which we will discuss in this article.



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Mixxxer is one of the best swinging dating services on the internet, and here is why.

Mixxxer Is Simply Gorgeous

There is no going around the fact that looks attract users. While looks attract people, character and utility keep them around. Luckily for you, Mixxxer is the perfect blend of the two. Mixxxer blends one of the best designs on the internet dating scene, with unparalleled utility added to the mix.

The first thing you will see when you go to the website is the gorgeous homepage, which is going to lead you to the signup sheet. Everything is polished to sheer perfection, making the site not only easy to use but pleasant as well.

You don’t want any unpleasant experiences while you’re trying to get your next partner, do you? Of course not. This fact is why a significant part of Mixxxers’ appeal goes into its sexy, slick, and simple aesthetic.

Issues that people have with these forms of the website is the sheer, disgusting sleaze most of them have. This problem is one that has wholly avoided Mixxxer, and it’s all due to its design and members. Mixxxer isn’t filled with oddballs or sleazy, creepy individuals. It’s full of real people who are looking for the same thing as you – some quick swinging fun!

The design doesn’t only make the whole process natural and good looking – it makes using the website exciting. When you’re dating through the internet, it can more often than not come off as a chore. But with Mixxxer, you’re going to look forward to it. Thank you, Mixxxer!

The Signup Process

The signup process is the first impression you’re going to have when using a website like this. You’ve never seen a sign up quite as pleasant as that of Mixxxer. Mixxxer understands that first impressions matter a lot, and they do their best to make the sign up quick, simple, and noninvasive.

An annoying problem that plagues most of the competition of this website has is the invasive sign up process. I’m not one to give out all of my information on the first date, and Mixxxer understands this. All you need to provide for the website is some necessary information, an email address, username, and password. That’s the best thing – after confirming it, you can get right into the game.

No annoying age-long confirmation processes, no stupid questions, and no invasive things either. It’s all clean and simple, just the way we like it. Now, with such a clean process, who would expect such a fun, dirty time to come? Adult dating sites need to get on MIxxxers’ level!

Mixxxer’s Unique Community

Mixxxer has a unique community aspect to it, which makes this website shine among the competition. It’s one of the best around in the community aspect and boasts a lot of different members. The males outweigh the females on this website – which is a normal thing with all dating services.

But the fun thing about Mixxxer is the couple’s option that you can register with.

Another fun thing about the website is the fact that it is incredibly self-aware. This website isn’t a place where you’re going to find your next ex-husband or wife – it’s the website you’re going to get a lot of sexual pleasure from.

It’s not a dating app – it’s not a hookup app; it’s a pure, all fantasies in, balls-out sex service! It’s not prostitution – because all people on the website are likeminded individuals who are there to mingle with people such as you.

There are over 1.5 million different members for you to fling with – it doesn’t get much better than this.


When it comes to any variety of sex-related services, apps, or different websites, the security aspect is usually of the top priority. These kinds of sites are the worst when it comes to security malfunctions – not to mention the abundant population of scammers and catfishes.

Mixxxer has a unique approach to this issue, as it not only has very vigilant security staff but an advanced SSL encryption too. This safety means that any problem, be it with the website’s gorgeous infrastructure or member-to-member communication, is going to be resolved within a couple of minutes.

The advanced encryption standard makes it so that not everyone can access this website. If there are doubts about the legitimacy of the person in question, they will simply not be allowed within the embrace of this exceptional service.

This fact is crucial, especially when it comes to a sex-related website. A lot of different taboos, kinks, and fetishes have been left out of the stigma for a long time. And, people value their privacy.

Mixxxer understands this, and unlike most of its competition in the swinging genre of dating, it does its best to protect your information. When you visit the website for the first time, you’re not going to see all the members. This tactic is used to attract new users and is most likely either fake or exploiting existing members’ profiles.

This issue raises many different privacy concerns. With the exclusion of this ugly feature, Mixxxer once again proves itself as one of the most redeemed and acclaimed dating services out there on the free market.

The Website Features

The website has some pretty advanced features for a niche one. This amount of features is pretty rare in the niche website community, as most of them have only the basic amount of functions. Chatting, profiles, and limited filtering are the determining ones of regular online dating services, but not Mixxxer!

Mixxxer has an exceptional approach to this with its swiping feature. Tinder has revolutionized the way people are dating through the internet, and Mixxxer has taken notice of this. Mixxxer comes with a Mixxxing feature, which allows you to combine yourself with some potential bachelor, and get to breaking the bedposts in no time.

If you’re a fan of old school chatting, this feature is also available to you. You can chat your days away with your new potential partner all through the gorgeously and efficiently designed website or phone app.

Phone app? That’s entirely right! Mixxxer comes with its very own smartphone application, which we will discuss later in this article.

Mixxxer doesn’t show you anything you can’t have, and this is a crucial feature. The high tech geolocating properties of Mixxxer will only match you up with local swingers who are looking for a good time, to ensure you’re having a blast as soon as humanly possible.

Sort of like the regular distance setting on high end dating apps like Tinder or Badoo, but it’s made for swingers exclusively. You’re going to get laid with this service, and it’s all a matter of time.

The fun part? Since this is solely an adult website, it also supports NSFW content. If you have a special something you’re looking to show off, be Mixxxer’s guest! They fully support the trading and posting of nude pictures. If you have something significant and magnificent, don’t fret about sharing it with the world.

Utilitarian Mobile App

Yet another fantastic thing about Mixxxer is its unique mobile support. Most other dating websites have no mobile support. They’re either websites or apps, respectively. The great thing about Mixxxer’s phone support is that it comes in the shape of an app.

While other dating websites work to get on the mobile dating market with mobile browser optimization, Mixxxer has it’s very own app. This app works at flawless speeds, which is an impossibility when it comes to browser optimization.

Another problem with mobile apps is that they usually lack the features that the website has. They’ve dumbed down, primitive versions of the sites. Mixxxer’s app is ultimately the same as the website, with the same gorgeous design and interface.

It’s easy to use, quick to install, and a great way to take all of your hookup needs on the go.

Free and Paid Versions

Mixxxer is a free website and app to sign up to, like most other dating services. But sadly, it’s flawed in this because using the free version of the service is not likely going to get you anywhere. Paying for the service, on the other hand, is sure to unlock quite a lot of different features, all of which will help you get laid in no time.

Paying for a service like this is to be expected. All of the big names in the industry are technically free, but require a fee to get the most bang for your buck, quite literally. While some websites might operate on the token standard, the subscriptions are proven to be the most effective way to pay for a service like this.

The prices are incredibly low when it comes to Mixxxer and come in one or three-month subscription forms.

  • 1 month – 7.99$
  • 3 months – 19.99$

It’s Good For

Mixxxer is outright chock full of dirty pictures, NSFW content, and real sexy bachelors. If you’re enjoying this, this website will suit you well. You can’t even think about the fun you’re going to have with Mixxxer.

Mixxxer is also great if you’re a couple who is looking to experiment a little bit with your sexuality. Experimentation like this might significantly improve your already great relationship. Sex doesn’t make a relationship, but it sure as hell is one of it’s most essential parts. Without proper sex, you can’t expect appropriate anything.

This sexual thrill is why Mixxxer’s users are all likeminded sex orientated people who are looking to hookup with similar individuals. If you’re open-minded, sexy, and looking to hook up, this is the website for you. 

It’s Bad For

Mixxxer isn’t the cleanest website on the internet, and if you’re sensitive to NSFW content, it might not be the best website for you. If you’re an unstable individual who is looking to find a loving Christian marriage, this isn’t the best website for you.

If you’re judgemental or full of prejudice, we also advise you to avoid this website. Not only are you going to get banned faster than you can say sexy, but you’re also not going to enjoy the service itself. It’s exclusively for open-minded people who are looking to have some fun.

If you’re looking for a completely free website that is very useful in its design, you’re not going to find it here. A cheap website when it comes down to cost, but far from free. Nothing good in life and love comes for free, and neither does Mixxxer.

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