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Pure Reviews: An Easy-to-Use and Anonymous Hookup App

Even though there are many niches dating sites available, most people are still looking for a simple, quick hook up. Most guys are looking for something like this, and more and more girls want drama-free flings. In the past, Tinder was the only dating app where you could do something like this, but now there is another option – Pure.



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Pure is one of those adult dating apps specifically focused on hookups, flings, and casual sex even more than Tinder. This app is all about finding quick sex and moving on with your life. For many people, it’s all about satisfying your needs without any complications, and this is what Pure dating brings to the table.

Today we are going to give you a full review of this dating app. It’s generally a good idea to do some research before you start using one and luckily for you, we took the time to do this.

More Details About Pure

Pure dating was launched in 2014, and many people compare it to Tinder. In fact, a lot of users have switched from Tinder to Pure. The concept behind the app is pretty similar to its older brother, but it looks to perfect its service and take further steps towards making online hookups easy.

There has been a lot of heated discussions about which of the two apps are better, and many people claim that they’ve had more success on Pure. We haven’t used the app for long enough to be able to say which one is better with certainty, but we can say that Pure delivers what it promises.

Pure was born as an idea in 2012, and before it was launched two years later, the app was able to get more than 100,000 people to sign up on the waiting list. Since then, the number of users steadily grew, and even though there isn’t any exact information about its number of users, the app is ranked #33 on the Google Play store.

Pure Dating Pros and Cons

Since we have a lot of experience in using and reviewing different dating apps, we feel that we can give you some good list of pros and cons that can tell you what this app is all about. However, everyone looks for different things, so some pros might be cons for you and the other way around.


  • The app gives you matches in your area instantly
  • The whole dating experience is very anonymous
  • Profiles have little details
  • Profiles self-destruct if not used for an hour
  • The app is focused on hookups only
  • There are no demographic limitations


  • You need to add credit card information for a free trial
  • The only way to attract people is through your profile picture
  • Is best for mobile users

Signing Up on Pure (a bit long but worth it)

To sign up on Pure, you will have to download the Pure app on your phone. At first, Pure dating was reserved only for mobile use and didn’t have a desktop version, but now this is an option as well. The desktop version, however, is a lot different and has various limitations.

Simply put, if you want to see what Pure is really about, make sure to get the mobile app. There are official apps for both Android and iOS users you can find on Google Play and Apple Store. Anyone can download the app for free, but you should know that it comes with in-app purchases.

Registering for the app takes a couple of minutes. Pure allows you to create a profile quickly, and if you don’t use it for an hour, it’s deleted automatically. Simply put, whenever you log in, you will have to create a new profile. When opening the app, you will have to give it permission to access your data.

It requires basic information, including payment, phone number, and email address. Once you’ve given the app access, choose between the email or phone registration. After adding basic information about yourself, you will be asked questions about what kind of hookup you’re looking for so that the app can give proper suggestions to you.

You will also have to turn on location settings because the app looks to connect you with people who are nearby. From there, you will only have to add a photo, and you’re good to go. The next time you log in, you will only need to give basic information and a photo, which takes a few seconds.

Are Self-destructing Profiles Actually A Good Thing?

It might seem weird that Pure doesn’t keep your profile once you go offline, but it makes sense. This is a quick dating app designed to be used instantly and check out in real-time who’s up for some action nearby. You are supposed to open the app and immediately get in touch with people.

At the same time, everyone knows why they are on the app, which makes the whole process a lot easier. There is no playing games if you see someone you like you can find out right away if they might be interested in you.

The self-destruction of profiles is designed to protect the privacy of users. Since people matched on the app are all nearby, it’s simply safer not to have a single profile that everyone can find. On top of that, when your profile is deleted, all the messages you’ve sent and conversations are removed as well.

Each time when you make a new profile, you will have to add a new photo and can change your preferences. This requires only a couple of seconds on your part but opens up many opportunities for finding different people and experimenting with your profile pics.

Simple but Effective Profiles

  • No text
  • Profile picture
  • “Like” system
  • Swiping user profiles
  • Simple format
  • Profile self-destruct after an hour

All the profiles have a picture and a user name, nothing else. This might be a bit limiting in terms of getting noticed, but it also preserves your privacy. In our opinion, this is a good thing. The whole app is designed to be fast and without any complications.

Simply look for the matches you like and like them. Others will do so as well. When the “like” comes from both sides, you can start chatting and then you can share more information if you like and get to know each other.

The whole concept is quite simple, similar to Tinder, and your main focus should be on putting on a great profile photo. Profile photos don’t allow full nudity, but you can use provocative selfies to bring more attention.

Our Experience With Pure

Pure opens up the door to a completely new meaning of instant hookups online. What we like about it is its simplicity. There is no need to add lengthy information about yourself, what you want, who you are, blah, blah, blah… Instead, you just take a selfie or add one you already have, and you’re good to go.

There isn’t any specific demographic either as well. Everyone is put in the same place with their profile pictures, and people get matched based on their locations, simple as that. Additionally, a lot of people are encouraged to be active regularly as they want to add new photos over again.

This means that there is a lot of activity on this app, and people look to make their time count. It’s a perfect place to find a fling, hookup, or do some quick sexting. We feel that this app hits the spot for modern people who live fast-paced lives and have no time to date.

No Limitations Whatsoever

Everyone can join this dating app no matter how old they are, what gender, location, sexual preferences, and so on. Just as long as you are looking for a hookup, you will find this app useful. Still, we should mention that finding people was difficult when located in places with a low population.

Given the fact that the matching system is location-based, those places with little users won’t give you many options, as there aren’t enough users.

Communication With Other Members

As we mentioned, the whole concept of this app is based on simplicity. This translates to communication as well. You like profiles that come along and others do as well. Once you and some profile mutually like each other, your chat box will become available.

This means you can start talking to each other. The more profiles you like, the higher your chances will be of talking to someone. Try to recognize the peak hours in your area when people are active the most. This is when you can find opportunities to chat and meet someone.

Payments and Costs

To get this app, you will need to have your own Google or Apple account. This includes your payment options as well. When you download and join Pure, you will be able to use it for free. However, after three days, the app will automatically charge you a monthly subscription unless you’re a woman.

The app is completely free for women, and this is why there are so many of them here. In turn, this attracts more guys and starts an endless circle. It’s possible to cancel the automatic subscription in the settings of your store profile.

The only payment options for Pure are various credit cards. This means no Paypal or other similar services. Here are the costs and different membership options.

  • 7-day subscription: $14.99 per week
  • 30-day subscription $29.99 per month (billed monthly)
  • 90-day subscription: $58.98 per three months
  • 1-year subscription: $75.60 per year

Final Thoughts on Pure

If you are looking for adult dating apps, you will love Pure. This is a live hookup platform where you can really find a fling with NSA. Once you’ve registered on this app, everything is simple, and you can use it as a messaging app. After a while, it starts feeling that way.

However, there is one major difference – everyone on this messaging up is looking to hookup and have sex. It’s all about being random with NSA and having a fling that will help you relax. Amongst many adult dating apps, Pure is one of our top picks – try it out and see what it’s about.

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